We have a wide range of services across several business and litigation needs that all converge around technical expertise. We have been retained to opine in legal matters, due diligence for investments, mergers and acquisitions, and various technology strategy cases. Below is a sampling of the types of cases we engage in.

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Expert Witness Consulting

We are available to consult in litigation matter via a number of activities, including:

Trial testimony


Drafting declarations

Source code review

Investigating patent obviousness, eligibility

Researching patent invalidity and prior art

Patent claim challenge review

Types of cases we support include:

Patent infringement

Inter Partes Review (IPR)

Common Business Method (CBM)

International Trade Commission (ITC)

Breach of contract

Patent portfolio evaluation

Trade secret misappropriation


Due Diligence

As a venture capitalist, Dr. Jonyer performed technical and business due diligence deep dives with countless startups and continues to do so as an angel investor and investment consultant. We provide due diligence services for the following business needs:

Venture capital investment

Private equity investment



Litigation finance

Our due diligence services include:

Investment thesis validation

Business case review

Software architecture review

Machine learning strategy review

Software development life cycle management review

Open-source licensing auditing

Open-source Cybersecurity Vulnerability Audit

Market research


Technology Strategy

We also consult on technology strategy to startups and established corporations alike, typically around the introduction of new technologies or upgrade strategies and modernization. We can act as a consultant, a virtual CTO, or a board-level advisor. Example prior engagements have centered on the following themes:

Machine Learning Strategy

New technology introduction

Infrastructure modernization and unification

Architecture scalability

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Software experts.

Technology commercialization.

Due diligence.

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