The Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed our everyday lives since it was introduced decades ago. Both civil and military applications are significant to the point where nations are treating GPS as strategic to national defense. Alternative systems have been put into place, and the original GPS system is getting upgrades. In addition, industrial use cases have given life to innovation and intellectual property, and GPS has been the topic of significant legal action in recent years.

In contrast, a geographic information system (GIS) is essentially a database that stores, manages, analyzes, and maps all types of data related to geographic locations. Mapping information to maps to visualize information is important in many industries and in many areas of science and helps the work of decision-makers immensely. As a result, GIS has also seen its fair share of IP litigation.

How We Help Clients

Expert Witness

With the proliferation of use cases of both GPS and GIS, we have been supporting litigation in patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation in these areas. Our experts hail from both academia and industry with many years of hands-on experience.

Technology Strategy

Startups and corporations looking to gain a competitive edge by commercializing GIS innovation turn to us for help. We advise on high-level data strategy, data privacy, analytics, data pipeline, data visualization and more.

Due Diligence

Technical due diligence for investment, mergers, and acquisitions is critical in high-stakes transactions. The importance of GPS has increased M&A activity across many industry sectors in search of positioning technologies. We provide technical due diligence and post-merger integration for M&A transactions.


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Case Studies

Patent Infringement

A patent portfolio holder noticed that one of the top four technology giants was making use of its patent technology. We helped identify potential causes of action in a pre-litigation engagement, helped draft the claim charts and were instrumental in drafting the complaint. We also prepared the case for a potential IPR (invalidity) action by the defendant and were able to successfully counter the prior art brought by the opposing side.

Our Experts

Our affiliate expert is a full professor at a top 20 university department of geography and astrology. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications on the subject of GIS, and is the awardee of many grants. He is also the head of a research and development company that commercializes his university research innovations, as well as completes contract development work for other clients. He has the rare adacemic+real world experience that is a clear edge in his expert witness work. 

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Sidespin Group provides software experts for litigation support, technology commercialization, investment due diligence, technology strategy, and general software analysis services in a range of specializations, including in the areas of machine learning, telecommunications, and smartphones.

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