Telecommunications, more than any other technology, has changed the way we live since the advent of 3G, which put the internet at our fingertips. Telecommunications expert witness services have been in high demand since the advent of this new era. With the introduction of 5G, the mobile internet will start feeling like Wi-Fi anywhere.

Dr. Jonyer started his career at Nortel Networks and helped build the initial 3G multimedia-capable network. He was responsible for Nortel’s packet data switching node’s (PDSN) ability to send images and stream video on the Sprint PCS Vision network and enabled uninterrupted streaming as users moved across cell tower coverage areas by designing the tower-hand-off feature. He was also in charge of certifying the Kyocera handset on the Nortel network and created the network capacity benchmarking toolset.

As a venture capitalist at NexStar Partners, a telecom-focused venture capital fund, Dr. Jonyer covered a wide range of telecommunication technologies, like 5G, mobile media streaming, mobile VR streaming, network optimizations, software-defined networks, network security, mobile biometrics, and others.

Dr. Jonyer also worked as a network administrator during his university years. He supervised the networks of three different university campuses, configured the internet connections, set up routing tables, deployed CAT5 and coax networks, and set up and supervised email and web servers. As an academic, Dr. Jonyer taught courses in computer networking and related areas.

Our Services

Telecommunications has long been a hotly contested area in litigation, and with the continuous innovation to create ever faster and more powerful communications technologies, this trend does not appear to slow. We support litigation with activities such as

    • Telecommunications expert witness
    • Patent infringement investigation
    • ITC contentions
    • Inter partes review
    • Source code review
Telecommunications Expert Witness

Telecommunications Expert Witness Case Studies

Patent Infringement

The patent holder was interested in analyzing the base station source code of several potential infringers. We worked with the already established claim chart to identify similar features in the source code and provided English language descriptions with citations of how and where the source code is exhibiting potentially infringing behavior. We also helped draft expert declarations.

Contributory Copyright Infringement

Our clients, the two largest bridalwear companies in the United States, complained that a cloud firewall provider enabled copycat manufacturers to commit copyright infringement by displaying our clients’ photographs. The case centered around DMCA safe harbors that rely heavily on the proper interpretation of computer networking technology terminology. We helped interpret the DMCA and put it into the proper technical context.

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

A large communications equipment manufacturer was interested in understanding the value of their newly acquired patent portfolio. We analyzed the asset by categorizing the patents by area of invention, organized them into sub-areas and families, and identified potential targets for assertion. As a second step, we analyzed a specific set of patent families against a specific target. We were able to identify sets of assertable patents across several patent families and assisted with creating initial claim charts.

Our Expertise

    • Mobile wireless
    • Wi-Fi, 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac)
    • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
    • SMS, MMS
    • Instant messaging (chat)

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