Expert Witness Consulting

Dr. Jonyer offers expert witness consulting services to both plaintiffs and defendants in the full range of litigation matters where technical expertise is of great importance. He is most often retained as a testifying expert, but he has also provided preliminary analyses, second opinions, and source code review services.

Dr. Jonyer brings decades of academic, business, and investing experience to give a more holistic view of technical issues. At the same time, he has the academic research and industrial technology innovation background to be able to opine on what knowledge persons of ordinary skill in the art had in a given year, and what may or may not have been reasonable leaps of innovation versus common knowledge.

Our Services

We are available to consult in litigation matters via a number of activities, including:

    • Trial testimony
    • Depositions
    • Drafting declarations
    • Source code review
    • Investigating patent obviousness, eligibility
    • Researching patent invalidity and prior art
    • Patent claim challenge review

Types of cases we support include:

    • Patent infringement
    • Inter Partes Review (IPR)
    • Common Business Method (CBM)
    • International Trade Commission (ITC)
    • Breach of contract
    • Patent portfolio evaluation
    • Trade secret misappropriation

Case Studies

Patent Infringement

The patent holder was interested in analyzing the base station source code of several potential infringers. We worked with the already established claim chart to identify similar features in the source code and provided English language descriptions with citations of how and where the source code is exhibiting potentially infringing behavior. We also helped draft expert declarations.

Contributory Copyright Infringement

Our clients, the two largest bridalwear companies in the United States, complained that a cloud firewall provider enabled copycat manufacturers to commit copyright infringement by displaying our clients’ photographs. DMCA takedown notices were not possible to file, because the cloud firewall hid the infringers’ web servers. We helped interpret the DMCA and put it into technical context to make the complaint actionable.

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

A large communications equipment manufacturer was interested in understanding the value of their newly acquired patent portfolio. We analyzed the asset by categorizing the patents by area of invention, organized them into sub-areas and families, and identified potential targets for assertion. As a second step, we analyzed a specific set of patent families against a specific target. We were able to identify sets of assertable patents across several patent families, and assisted with creating initial claim charts.