Streaming & Video

In recent years streaming has become the primary way for people to consume video content. We have come a long way from the stamp-sized, low-resolution videos of the late 1990s. All content owners and distributors now have their own streaming service, and Netflix is one of the most valuable global companies.

Dr. Jonyer led the media streaming investment thesis at NexStar Partners and performed technical due diligence on many startups in the space, including in image capture, pre-compression optimization, compression, transcoding, streaming quality measurement, edge caching, CDNs, multi-CDN networks, video players, cellular mobile streaming optimization, adaptive streaming (DASH, HLS), and others. Dr. Jonyer is also a filmmaker and has the perspective of a content creator and film editor. He was also the head of device partnerships at Google TV, where he became familiar with the Intel SoC’s full video pipeline.

Our Services

Patent disputes relating to video streaming have been on the rise since the breakout success of streaming video services. We support litigation with activities such as

    • IPR opinions
    • Patent infringement investigation
    • ITC contentions
    • Source code review

Case Studies

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

Our client wanted to examine whether a prominent streaming service was infringing on any of its streaming and cloud computing patents, and enlisted our help. We created an exhaustive list of technologies of the target and compared them against the patent portfolio. We also drafted an initial version of the claim charts.

Our Expertise:

    • Media delivery
    • Streaming
    • Content acquisition (digital cameras, cinematography, editing, coloring, encoding) 
    • CDN, and multi-CDN solutions
    • Compression, pre-compression, transcoding
    • Edge caching
    • Adaptive streaming, DASH, HLS
    • Client-side optimizations
    • Video quality measurement 

We’ve opined on cases involving:



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