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With the introduction of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006, an “operating system for the Internet,” the era of cloud computing was born. Online businesses could focus on building software without having to worry about buying servers, racks, storage, and networking equipment and having to pay for maintaining and upgrading them. This abstraction of the hardware layer at the Internet-scale was so revolutionary that many venture capital funds created “cloud funds” to support companies building their businesses on AWS. Today, this is the only way to operate an online software business, with heavy competition by other Silicon Valley heavyweights keeping prices low for their customers. Ever large multinational companies, like Netflix, are foregoing building their own infrastructure in favor of mature cloud providers.

Dr. Jonyer built the largest research cluster at Oklahoma State University in 2003, which was accessed by his research group remotely, making it an in-house cloud service for academic research. Having built such a large computer cluster by assembling motherboards, CPUs, and the rest of the components required to create such an infrastructure, Dr. Jonyer became intimately familiar with how to build, operate, and maintain cloud infrastructure. Subsequently, he also built his startups on AWS and has experience with the other major cloud providers as well. He also consulted for Rescale, the high-performance computing infrastructure provider that is built on top of AWS.

Our Services

Cloud computing and the “Internet Operating System” are experiencing continuous growth and fierce competition, and litigation activity in the space reflects this. The presence of the largest technology companies in the space invites patent claims to be asserted at an increasing rate.

We have supported cases in:

    • Patent infringement
    • Prior art investigation
    • Trade secret misappropriation

Case Studies

Cloud Firewall Contributory Copyright Infringement 

Our clients, the two largest bridalwear companies in the United States, complained that a cloud firewall provider enabled copycat manufacturers to commit copyright infringement by displaying our clients’ photographs. The cloud firewall is a little-understood technology that integrally depends on the domain name service (DNS) and the way the DNS interacts with cloud web hosting providers and end-users. We helped our client gain an invaluable understanding of these technologies, and served as a testifying expert witness.

Cloud Reseorce Manager Patent Infringement

Our client, a top logistics provider, sought to invalidate a cloud infrastructure patent of a non-practicing entity (NPE). A popular open source cloud resource manager appeared to exhibit some of the patented claims, and the NPE was seeking licensing fees from all large users of these software tools. We dissected the salient points and protected technologies, in practical terms, out of the patents, and identified prior art that invalidates the patent claims.

We have expertise in:

  • Cloud computing
  • Web applications
  • Software as a service
  • Internet protocols
  • Distributed computing
  • Load balancing
  • Cloud firewall

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