Technology Commercialization

Startups and large companies alike often struggle with keeping up with the latest technologies, like machine learning, and enlist our help in understanding how to deploy such innovations strategically. The typical engagement consists of a seminar in which we explain and build intuition about machine learning and artificial intelligence, how other companies and industries incorporated the technology into their business, and workshop how that might happen in the target company. We then conduct a study of the target’s business and identify opportunities to incorporate machine learning into different business units. We also identify future strategic directions that put the target company on a forward-looking trajectory and position it to benefit maximally from machine learning.

Dr. Jonyer, mainly via his experience as a venture capitalist, scientist, and startup founder, has become intimately familiar with a wide range of frontier technologies and provides the above-described strategy consulting services in all areas mentioned in the ‘expertise’ section.

Our Services

We can act as a consultant, a virtual CTO, or a board-level advisor. Example prior engagements have centered on the following themes:

    • Machine Learning Strategy
    • Frontier technology introduction
    • Infrastructure modernization and unification
    • Architecture scalability

Case Studies

Machine Learning Diligence for Startup Acquisition

The maker of a large open-source CMS was considering acquiring an analytics platform and enlisted our help to conduct a thorough evaluation of the target’s technology stack. We analyzed the target’s machine learning stack to see what existing libraries and methodologies they make use of and what innovations were developed in-house. We looked for synergies between the two companies’ offerings and made recommendations on future machine learning applications and features. In addition, we analyzed the target’s open-source software exposure to copyleft licenses and cybersecurity vulnerability. We reviewed the software stack for scalability, extensibility, proper design principles, maintainability, evaluated their documentation, and software development life cycle practices. The target was acquired shortly after we submitted our report.

Software Architecture Diligence for Acquisition

A large logistics marketplace was considering acquiring a startup in the less-than-full-truckload shared container orchestration space. The parties entrusted our team to be the trusted third party to examine the acquisition target’s technology, software architecture, and open-source exposure to licensing issues and cybersecurity threats. Based on our work, the acquisition closed soon after we submitted our report.